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Basketball Talent!

Winter Concert

Magic Show

A Piano Concert

Goodbye to Third Grade


Wes ran a 5K and finished fifth among boys 1-9 with just under 31 minutes.

Oliver Crawling -- Filmed by Wes

Grandparents Day

Piano Recital

Run, Wesley, Run!

Soccer Practice

Wesley's 1 Mile Record Is Now ...


A 10 Minute Mile

Wesley and I have been running 1 mile on a track that takes 12 laps to make a mile. We did 10:39. We did 10:46. And today we did 10:00, or 10:00:6 to be precise. That's 6/tenths of a second. I call that a 10-minute mile!

Travis and Wesley Show

Art Thief

Pizza Disco Weirdo Guy

Wesley Plays Ode to Joy

Oscar's Ferry Boat 7239

You are now entering the Final Sinkless, unlike the Titanic.


Dog Bones Not Wars

Daddy's shirt says "Jobs Not Wars."
Wesley says Tilly is campaigning for "Dog bones, not wars!"

The Magic Hat

Tilly: The Movie

Tilly Should Be the Next Benji

Wesley Graduates from Kindergarten

Wesley Runs a Race

The New Bicycle

Getting Ready for Tilly

Favorite Things

Recording this because it's hard to imagine it lasting. On Wesley's list of favorite things to do, including amusement parks and waterslides and Christmas, the top item is doing the laundry with Mommy.

New Wesley Videos

Wesley on TV at Dinosaur Camp

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