Look who wears the PANTS

Look who wears the PANTS

Just back from the doctor and weighing 7lbs, 14 ozs.

Wesley Is a Pea in a Pod

Wesley Is a Pea in a Pod

I love Wesley, says Wesley's Mommy.

Wesley Is One Week Old

Wesley Is One Week Old

At 12:22 a.m. on Wednesday, April 5, 2006, Wesley turned a week old, we snapped this photo, and Wesley demonstrated - as he has been doing - that he is a night owl. Come day light, he'll get lots of sleep ;-)

Welcome Home!

Welcome to your home, dear Wesley! Gup and I can't wait to see you in your new bassinette and in the beautiful room your mommy and daddy have prepared for you. You are a very lucky little guy to be so loved by so many people. We'll be down to see you again in a few days!

Wesley's Staying at the Hospital...APRIL FOOLS - He's Home!

Welcome Home, Wes!
Welcome Home Wesley, April 1, 2006 - 1  

You look right at home:
Wesley's Home - April 1, 2006  

Wesley Neil Swanson

Wesley Neil Swanson

Wes with Anna's hand on March 29, 2006, Day 1.
8 pounds 1 ounce
20.75 inches long
head 14 inches around
healthy, happy, tired

Whoo Hooo

David called us this morning saying that Anna was in labor. Now he's followed up with a call to say that they are going to the hospital and that Linda is coming down to the house.

When Wes hears what everybody was doing for the 2000th time many years from now he will learn that extraordinary events are boxed in ordinary actions. In our case, the drinking of coffee and packing are dominating things right now.

Wes is choosing his birthday

All day yesterday, March 27th, I looked at my calendar marked "Wes's due date" and wondered if he would choose the date for his birthday. Evidently not. All of us are looking forward to the event. We know that Anna has done everything she can to help Wes grow to be a healthy and happy baby.

Wes' Cousins Visit

Today Wesley's cousins, Hallie and Travis, dropped by to visit us on their way to Gum and Gup's house for the week. We're all hoping that Wesley arrives in time to meet them before they head back to North Carolina.

Sweet Poem

The day you were born, I don't
if it was warm or hot
if the sun shone
or rain
slashed across the sky
by pain and doubt

Does it show?

Does it show?

Idea vs. Implementation

I avoided the State of the Union last night. I do not have a blood pressure problem; but, I might have if I watched the thing. I see from this morning's paper that we are once again having discussions about ideas. Why bother, it isn't as if they could be implemented by this crew. Hasn't anyone caught on that they are incapable of implementing anything, or paying for it? No need to discuss the pros and cons of what he talked about, he can't do it. We have a track record to show us that:

  1. He can't organize things (look at the way he talks when he doesn't have a month to prepare).
  2. His friends can't organize or implement things (FEMA).
  3. He either doesn't tell the truth, know what the truth is, or care what it is (look at his track record in weapons of mass destruction, torture, FEMA, illeagal wire taps).
  4. He does not monitor what is going on after things get going ("Ron Brown is doing a heckuva job.")

Only two more months to go...

That is if Wes arrives on his due date. We can't wait to meet him! Wesley has been extremely active lately. We've been reading him "The Going to Bed Book" by Sandra Boynton every night. Now when I start reading it, Wesley usually gives me a big kick.

Kicking Wesley

I've felt little Wes kicking a number of times now! He's ready for freedom soon! and walking, running, jumping!

Christmas Haul

Wesley made out like a bandit, hauling in a mountain of Christmas presents from Grandma and Grandpa Naylor, Matt, Gum, Gup, Aunt Kelly, Uncle Mark, Hallie, and Travis!

Wesley's Room

There are five new photos of Wesley's room here.

Wesley's cousins, Hallie and Travis, have already played in it!

We can't wait to meet Wesley!

Sometime ago we started writing down things we’d like to do with him and teach him. I know the list will continue to grow and I know Wesley will have many things to teach us too.
Here’s our list so far:

Wes Kicks, Acquires Crib

Wesley has been noticably kicking his Mommy, or punching or head-butting or something. It's hard to tell what he's doing in there, but reports are he's moving around -- but it's very gentle; kick is too strong a word.

Wesley Is a Big Boy

Anna visited the Doc this week, and he said Wesley was big for his age -- big enough to be two weeks older.

I have no idea whether that means he'll be a big baby or a big kid or a big adult.

Shopping for Little One's Room

September 2005 Photos, including Anna, animals for Little One's room, and September 29, 2005, Shopping for Little One's Room.

Animals for Little One's Room

Wesley's Mommy, aka Anna

Painting Little One's Room

Photos of painting Little One's room on October 2, 2005, before he got the name Wesley and before we knew we were moving:

Painting Little One's Room 1

Painting Little One's Room 2

Wesley's Ultrasound

Wesley's Ultrasound
Nov. 9, 2005 Wesley's first photos.

He's a Boy

Reposted from Nov 10, 2005:

Anna and I watched Wesley on a sonogram today and he's a boy, and we're calling him Wesley Neil Swanson. The Neil part is from my Dad's name. The Wesley part is because it sounds good and we like it! We're moving back to Charlottesville VA next week, so the room we painted blue will have to be for another baby. But the new house already has a light blue room for Wesley!

Wesley's Due Date

Wesley is due on March 27, 2006. We knew this by October 1, 2005, the date on which we posted it on a preliminary website, before setting up this one.

Of course, the date is approximate!

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