Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Happy UVA Fan in DC

Happy UVA Fan in DC

Wes went to Washington, DC this weekend!

Wes Goes To Kindergarten!

Wes Goes To Kindergarten!

Rehoboth 9

Rehoboth 9

Rehoboth 8

Rehoboth 8

Wes and Gup and Some Helium Balloons

Wesley on TV at Dinosaur Camp

Wesley Goes to West Virginia

Wesley and the New Tent

Wesley Dances and Sings

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The Graduate

A New Wesley Musical

Wesley and Hallie

Wesley and Hallie

Wesley on the Move

Wes's Second Christmas on New Year's

Monster Puppet!Monster Puppet!

Happy Holidays


Wesley and Daddy went biking this morning, me on my bike and Wes on his balance bike, about a mile and a half, and only came back because of cold fingers.

Fun Time With Family

Picnic Lunch: Before taking down the tentsPicnic Lunch: Before taking down the tents

Act Two

Riding the Bucking Bronco: Cheered on by cousins Travis and HallieRiding the Bucking Bronco: Cheered on by cousins Travis and Hallie

Let the Show Begin

Mr. Strong Man: In the Circus of the Sillies, #2Mr. Strong Man: In the Circus of the Sillies, #2


Pounding a Tent Peg: With cousin Hallie and Gup on camping trip in the NC woods.Pounding a Tent Peg: With cousin Hallie and Gup on camping trip in the NC woods.


We had some family fun playing with Wesley on Sunday. He asked each of us our favorite color, house, pet, food, and shirt. His parents helped him make the charts.

Well Then Why Did Someone Invent Those Words?

According to Anna, Wesley has a new question. She encouraged him to not say things like "I like that the most" or "I'm the best at that," and he relied: "Well, why did someone invent those words if you're not supposed to use them?"

Video: Wesley Learns a New Song

Wesley Starts His Third Year of Preschool

Wesley's been through the 2-year-old year at pre-school attending 2 mornings a week, and the 3-year-old year attending 3 mornings a week. Now it's the 4-year-old class and every morning Monday through Friday, and he loves it.

Wesley Gets Bunk Beds

Wesley Gets Bunk Beds

Wesley Loves the Waves at Rehoboth Beach

Wesley went to Rehoboth Beach again this year and loved the waves, playing in them on the shore and swimming in them with his daddy.

Funland, in the background above, was still the biggest attraction for Wes, but he also loved digging in the sand.

We tried to dig to China but found water first.

If you wake up as early as Wesley you can have the beach all to yourself.


Wesley Has Wonderful Time at King's Dominion Amusement Park

There are no photos, but Wesley's favorites were the GhosterCoaster roller coaster, and water slides that you went down with inflatable tubes. Those and some other rides required that children by 40 inches tall, which is what Wesley was, so he just made the cut. The same went for Snoopy's Joe Cool Driving School:

Wesley had to push the gas pedal and steer (no brakes):

Get out of the way!

Wesley's used to tame rides like these by now:

More driving! (Race cars that stay on a track):

Wesley Loves Baltimore

Hanging out in Fell's Point:

Waiting for the subway:

Captaining a boat in the science museum:

Building with legos in the science museum:

This table has an earthquake dial. If you build tall and wobbly enough you can get the earthquake to knock your building over; that was Wesley's goal.

He also loved the children's museum, the paddle boats, the water taxis, the hotel swimming pool, the aquarium, the inner harbor buildings, etc, etc....

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