Wesley Can Turn into Oscar the Puppy at Any Moment, With or Without Costume

Wesley picked up this trick last summer, but he's been becoming Oscar more and more frequently.

Wesley Likes it When His Mommy Takes Him to a Playground

See what I mean?

His Daddy got him that shirt on a trip.

Being Four

Wesley, we've been teaching you a lot, and you're a great learner. But I'm not sure you don't have something to teach us as well. Your Mommy and I took you to Baltimore last weekend. We rode on a subway and you didn't want to get off. You could be happy riding the subway all day. Or an escalator. You could ride up and down escalators all day and be ecstatic. Anyone who came near those escalators would be infected with happiness. We went to a children's museum and a science museum. You could have stayed all day in any room of either of them and never grown the least bit bored. At the hotel you said you wanted to live there forever. But when we're at home you want to live here forever too. It's just that you're so thrilled with whatever fun thing you're doing, you don't much want it to end. The rest of us are usually planning ways to change where we are or what we're doing, rather than laughing with delight at our current activities. We should work on that.

Wesley goes Camping

Wesley goes Camping

Wesley Wakes Up in the Morning

Wesley, a Dolphin, and Some Tweetle Beetles

Wesley and a Water Hose

Wesley Turns Four, Spends Week in Arizona, Has Lots of Fun!

Click for VIDEO. Click for PHOTO ALBUM

Wes Will Be Four in One Week!

Wes Will Be Four in One Week!

Can you believe it?

Wesley Visits the Florida Keys

Wesley has met pelicans, dolphins, and all kinds of new fauna and flora in the Conch Republic.

The Ups and Downs of Petunia

By Daddy

Wesley, Hallie, and Travis fell asleep on the moon on Christmas Eve. They'd flown there in canoes pulled by ostriches all the way from the piano room, up the stairs, and into their moon beds, still humming songs about Frosty and Rudolph and Santa Claus. Wesley had wanted to know where flying reindeer stopped to use the bathroom, and before Hallie could think of a reasonable answer, whatever that would have been, Travis had explained that reindeer often took breaks on the moon. So, off to the moon the children went in ostrich-pulled canoes (don't ask).

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Wesley and the Snow Man

Wesley and the Snow Man

Months of the Year

Fun With Wesley

I spent some time with Wesley and his family last week. He's been pretending for quite a long time. His parents really play with him and it's quite a lot of fun.

Wesley at Gram and Gramps' House

Wesley and Bruce Springsteen

How many days in a row can one three-year-old boy wake up and play Bruce Springsteen and the Seeger Sessions Band CD at full volume, songs 1 and 11, "Dan Tucker" and "Pay Me My Money Down" while dancing, jumping, screaming, and jamming on the guitar? We don't know but are pretty sure Wesley has broken the record and is extending it.

Wesley Sings Solidarity Forever

Wes Performs Pay Me, Old Dan Tucker, and More

Wesley Helps His Daddy Sell Books at a Picnic

Wesley Hits Rehoboth Beach

Wesley and his mommy and daddy, Gram, and Uncle Matt, spent a week at Rehoboth Beach, renting a part of a house less than a block from the boardwalk. Wesley had a terrific time, as we all did. Wesley had been to Virginia Beach for a couple of days when he was one, but now he's three and he spent a whole week in the sand and waves.

Wesley Trucking at Rehoboth Beach

Actually, we only spent part of each day at the beach and none at all a couple of days. One day we went to Jungle Jim's water park, where Wesley floated on a river and slid down water slides and loved every moment.

Most days we went to Fun Land, a few blocks from us on the boardwalk, where Wesley drove fire engines, helicoptors, motorcycles, etc., played in a playground with a pool full of balls and moonbounce etc., and took his mommy and daddy on rides that turned their stomachs but not his.

Wesley loved the ocean at first, without a trace of fear or concern. We held him and put floats on his arms and helped him swim, and he screamed with delight. But then I took him out in a little inflatable boat, which he loved until we came into the beach and a big wave tipped us over.

Then Wesley was quite concerned about the waves, and it took a couple of days before he wanted to go swimming. It helped that he also went and got soaked and sprayed in more controled ways at Jungle Jim's. It helped that Anna got Wesley a good book about waves. And it helped that the waves got smaller. Then at the end of the trip the waves grew much bigger, which I loved for body surfing, but which made it harder to swim with Wesley. However, after we got home, Wesley told me he liked the big waves, and I expect by next year he will.

We stopped in Annapolis on the way home and rode on a boat. Gram and Matt drove home a different way. Wesley loved living with them and having his mommy and daddy on vacation for a week. He's getting used to the real world again now.

We stopped at Wesley's Gum and Gup's house on the way home from Annapolis and he told them all about it.

There are more photos in the Fourth Year gallery.

We wish Gramps had been able to come -- maybe next time.

Wesley loved playing in the sand. We'll see how it transfers to his sand box at home.

He also loved living in a different house and knowing the address of it and how to find it from the boardwalk.

Wesley's Sunflowers

Remember this photo of Wesley and a sunflower he grew last year when he was two? Here's a new one of three-year-old Wesley with a new sunflower he grew, one of several accompanying all the vegetables and herbs in our backyard.

Wesley likes planting, watering, weeding, wheelbarrowing, raking, mowing, harvesting, and especially cooking, sometimes even eating.

Click photo to enlarge it.

Dancing With Wesley

Today Wesley and I were showing our dance moves. I asked Wesley if he could dance the "Wiggle Your Ears" dance. I moved my earlobes with my fingers.

Ear Infections

For a few days Wesley was never at 100% and was sometimes really miserable and tired and grumpy. He told us his ears hurt and a doctor agreed. Medicine brought back Happy Wesley!

Sculptor and Engineer

Wesley's favorite building material is scotch tape, and he'll tape things like frisbees suspended between a table and a chair, and pieces of paper and toys. He'll also build with blocks or anything else, and he has eleborate stories for how things work, switches, doors, pipes, drains, and elevators.

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